@ IND FILMS we...

  • Go beyond video production
  • Create smart campaigns
  • Listen to our clients

What we do

We are a creative studio that specializes in video production, notion graphics, live coverage and streaming. We proudly service small and medium-size businesses in Montreal, Toronto and New York since 1999 .

We love to work with in close collaboration with our clients and we hope yours is our next award winning production.

Award wining content

Our outstanding work and passion are recognized. We have received many accolades from some of the most respected video award programs in the industry.

Creative storytelling

We are story-tellers. Whether is for broadcast or mobile devices, we put all our creative brain power together and bring to life beautiful content that works.

Beautiful Graphics

We do more than simply video editing, we use all available techniques and resources to tell your story and make it visually striking and memorable.

State of the art

We utilize state of the art equipment but most importantly, we always make sure to select the right tools for each project so it is relevant, effective and cost efficient.

Fresh and relevant

A few reasons why using video to communicate your message is a good idea.

Stay connected

New video content keeps your brand fresh and present in social media.

Enhance the experience
of your audience

With impactful content for video mapping or feature projections and live multi-camera coverage any event, show or business meeting becomes more memorable.

Harness the
power of design

Breaking through the noise is easier with a visually appealing message that is accessible and pleasant to watch.

Tell your story

Video offers you the perfect medium to reach your niche audience in a time when everyone is watching a screen.


We are professional, agile and flexible, but most importantly, we go beyond being just a video production company. We strive to learn about your business and find the best way of making your story relevant, beautiful and long lasting.

Our goal is to produce unique videos and maximize your investment by helping you design the right video strategy to fit your needs.

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5524 St-Patrick street, suite 580
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